Expatriate & Non-Resident Tax Services

We enjoy the excitement of working and living aboard but when it comes to filing tax for the CRA, the Canadian Income Tax Act can be very complicated and any wrongful claims could lead to unexpected penalties.

Our team of expatriate tax professionals are well experienced to help you navigate through the complex world of expatriate & non-resident tax by properly plan and optimize your income from aboard.

Our Expatriate & Non-Resident Tax Services includes but not limit to

  • Expatriate Tax Planning


    When you are as a Canadian planning to live earning incomes aboard for a period of time before returning to Canada, it is necessary for you to plan ahead to avoid unexpected tax hits from the government. Plan ahead, give us a call so we can provide you with the proper information that you need to minimize your Canadian tax liability while meeting all the filing requirements.

  • Personal Tax Compliance


    The Canadian Tax legislation is complex and rapidly changing. While our Expatriate Tax Consultants have years of experience in planning and filing income tax with complex scenarios, they also keep up with the most current tax changes. BY having us to help you file you tax, you will get every tax refund you entitle to while meeting all the government compliances. Here you can find more about our Individual Income Tax Services

  • Departure counselling and return

  • Immigration tax planning

  • Non-resident tax return

  • Foreign tax credit calculation

  • Treaty review

  • Final income tax return

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